10 Cheapest Countries to travel in 2020, pack your bags now


Because of the difference in currency values and development around the World, some places will provide you better benefits than others. So forget spending $50-60 per luxury meal, the same amount can cover an entire day’s worth traveling in some other countries.

Want to have a cheap and ecstatic vacation in 2020?  Although this year, expert prediction airfare can increase, if you know where to go, you can still possibly afford a nice trip.

Therefore, here is a list covering the globe, from the archipelago in the Indian Ocean to a cheap countryside where you can provide all the luxuries with an extra taste of life. Therefore, here is the list of the 10 cheapest countries you can think of to travel in 2020. So change your traveling bucket list Now!


Traveling cost: $25-$40 a day

Vietnam is a highly underrated country. Although some tourist spots overcrowded with tourists like Sapa and Ha Long Bay, these two spots do not represent the whole country. The northern province of Ha Giang, Hang En, Tam Coc (Trang An), Phong Nha town, etc. are fit for adventurous tourism hotspot.

Despite its size, tourists try to cover the entire length of the country in one go, doing injustice to the beauty. In addition, traveling at night is worthy too. However, the best way to explore the places is through road trips, especially motorbikes.

You can enjoy the best views with full comfort in local hostels in less than $20. The abode of the World’s largest caves, beautiful beaches, best Vietnamese street food, and the hills are the perfect combinations to spend your vacations.


Traveling cost- $25-$45 per day

Angkor Wat- a vast temple complex, the heart of the Khmer Empire, and today’s tourist hot spot, is located in Cambodia. However, there is more here. The undeveloped island with sparingly populated with small towns along River Mekong River, will provide you the real taste of Southeast Asia.


Traveling cost: $50-$20 per day

Incredible destination and easy to travel along with less wallet burden’, this is what one thinks about overseas vacation. Therefore, here is one more destination you should visit, Caucasus, Georgia. The Soviet-era architecture, along with modern designs, is the beauty of this place.  From Tbilisi, you can explore the fantastic Caucasian mountain range, Black sea, and famous monasteries. 

Moreover, the best part is that Georgia is cheap, cheaper than Southeast Asia. To the east of Tbilisi, there is Kakheti and south Vardzia or David Gareja. The Italian style replicas with a contemporary mix provide a welcoming atmosphere. With a 1-year visa on arrival, Georgia can become the dream tourist spot that anyone can visit.


Traveling cost: $20-50 per day

A mountainous, sparsely populated country with about 75% of forest cover and water, make it a paradise. Mountain climbing, trekking, hot air ballooning, and trekking are few of the activities that you can undertake all under your Budget. You can feel rural vibes mixed with technology over here. Visit Laos along with Thailand. Trust me, you will not regret the visit.


Traveling cost-$20-$40 per day

It is a poor country but, enriched with landscapes and Soviet-era relics. It has got a beautiful mixture of flora and modern art that can be noticed along the streets. The streets look beautiful during Vardavar when people come out in the streets to play with water guns.


Travelling Cost: $20-$40 per day

The kind-hearted nature of Nepalese and the enchantments of several temples and monasteries of Kathmandu are the souls of this place. The mesmerizing beauty of Himalayas while going to routes, will blow your mind.

The best possible way to explore the site is through mountain trekking, whether guided or independent. The Nepalese cuisine and network of tea houses where you can sleep and eat will fit in your Budget.


Traveling cost: $25-$45 per day

Although moving to Bolivia is tiring, but it is worthy. The sights are amazing like Titicaca, Salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, all under $20 per day. Adventure rides in Bolivia’s remoteness, combining Peru, is waiting for you.


Traveling cost- $35-$45 per day

Cheapest of all, but with the spectacular Transylvania region, you can enjoy to the fullest. Get easily fit in Budget, breaking the wrong stereotypes about Romania. The area has mesmerizing natural beauty (Carpathian Mountains), as well as cute medieval towns, and churches that are pleasing to your eyes.  


Traveling cost-$25-$50 per day

It is not only cheaper than Costa Rica but is a wow-country in Central America. Hidden with Northern Jungles of Mayan Temples of Tikal, Highland lake of Atitlan in South and active ring of Volcanoes are some of the breathtaking views. Besides, the cascading cave pools in Semuc Champey are a great place to explore. Moreover, the best part is ? Travel ends up in $25 a day.


Traveling cost-$25-$50 per day

Reports of dirty beaches and theft cases have stolen the limelight of Bali as a tourist hotspot. Other best Beaches in Indonesia like Lombok, Java, Komodo islands, and Flores just adjacent to it will fill your heart. Going further into Sumatra, Sulawesi- white sand beaches, Savannahs, and rain forests along with Active volcanoes add the blue flame to its beauty. Indonesia is a completely new world to be discovered by you.

The Budget and travels depend on you. The listed Budget here is just as per the suggestions. I hope that you create memories.

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