5 essential and cool gadgets for Women safety


Future is in safe hands as the children of the present generation are raised by woman stronger than ever before. They have become multi-tasking and talented at managing both their homes and work well. But with the advancement of technology and globalization, the crime rate against them has also increase. And women safety is mostly at stake.

However, it’s the responsibility of every individual to ensure the safety of women around them. But it is not possible every time. Many times, women have to carry their safety on their own. For that case, a woman must take all the essential things in advance with her to avoid any mishappening. It is possible to be safer at every moment with these new cool gadgets designed especially for the ladies. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Roar

Roar comes with the size of almost a half-dollar coin. It has buttons that you use at the time of emergency. When a woman feels unsafe, she can press the button instead of screaming and making herself stuck in more trouble. As soon as she presses the button, it will send an alert to her family members and friends. As it is small in size, it can be worn as a necklace or attached to the purse. Everything from the alert to sending message to the contacts is done on the silent mode to ensure women safety.

The other technical advantages attached to roar are fast and accurate tracking, low-maintenance hardware and no internet or cell required. Besides this, you will be notified in advance regarding the battery alerts too.


2. Pepper Spray Pistol

Pepper Spray Pistol is unlike the usual pepper spray which needs to be sprayed only on the eyes of the culprit. This spray pistol is acting both on the eyes and skin of the person. It comes with the disposal cartridge which can be changed when gets empty. But it will be a smarter move to keep two sprays in handy as the first one will get emptied in 6 seconds.

Some Pepper Spray Pistol can even set the target upto 20 feet with the activated LED light that can aim the target and make things simple and more safer.

3. Personal alarm wristlet

They are small, portable devices that can emit out loud voices with just pressing a button or removing a pin. Generally, it is one of the favorite tool ladies carry for their safety as the voice that comes immediately after pressing the button is enough to scare the person. This will definitely give you the time to flee from the situation or let the other person move away from you.

Due to its small size and bonus features, Personal alarm wristlet is the long-lasting product to make people notice. However, it is important to note that while applying its use, you should make it a little away from your ears. It will lower the risk of self-irritation with noise as well as you better try to tilt more towards the aim.

Personal alarm wristlet
Personal alarm wristlet

4. Safelet

In case you are in an emergency and take out your phone, safelet is the best option to choose. When it comes to carrying accessories as well as women safety together, safelet will fit both. The bracelet tool has two side buttons which you press and send the message to your friends and family to let them know your real situation.

As soon the guardians got your details, they can further intimate it to the police who can reach the location and make sure for their safety. Safelet can easily connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth low energy connection. You can also record the video if required just by activating the side buttons of the bracelets.

5. Safer Smart pendant

As the name goes, it looks like the normal pendant but has many additional features attached. Specially designed for women safety, Safer Smart pendant has an alert device embedded in it. So, when a woman feels unsafe, she can double-click on the device, which will further send an alert to your family and friends.

Along with sending the message to the near ones, you can also unlock your private message with just long tap on the pendant. The person on the other side of receiving the message can get the automated phone call with the SMS and email.

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