5 Weird ice cream flavours everyone should try for once


Ice cream is something that everyone likes and has a preference for one flavour or some other. Also, there are soy-based ice cream or water-based gelato options for lactose-intolerant people that don’t harm their digestive tract in any way. So, everyone who likes ice cream even a little has something to try. 

There are thousands and thousands of flavours available in the world for everyone to try. While most people like sticking to the regular ice cream flavours.

Others are adventurous enough to try some really weird flavours available in the world. So, it is safe to say that there is something for every ice cream love out there. 

Following are some of the many weird ice cream flavours that everyone must try:

1. Coconut Curry (The Parlour, North Carolina)

Coconut is mostly a flavour that everyone likes for ice cream and other sweet treats as well. Coconut blends very well with most sweet dishes and this makes this flavour not so shocking. But, the curry part is where it gets really weird and strange. 

Coconut Curry (The Parlour, North Carolina)
Coconut Curry (The Parlour, North Carolina)

As most of you might have guessed already, this flavour, coconut curry is a completely experimental. This parlour in North Carolina has customers that enjoy this flavour a lot. However, there are many other places that have experimented with this flavour as well but they don’t seem to work as good as The Parlour. 

2. Cheetos (Big Gay Ice Cream, New York)

Big Gay Ice Cream parlour started as a ice cream truck and is now NYC’s most fmaous place for all dessert lovers. Their toppings are one of the most famous about their shop. And without a doubt, their best and must try is the Cheetos-inspired cone. They serve vanilla and cheese ice cream dipped fully in cheeto dust. This is every cheetos and ice cream lover;s dream come true. 

3. Ghost Pepper Peppermint (Mallard Ice Cream, Bellingham, Washington)

This flavour is as weird and strange as it sounds. It is made by blending the strong kick of the world’s spiciest and hottest chilli pepper with peppermint ice cream.

Ghost Pepper Peppermint
Ghost Pepper Peppermint

The peppermint provides the perfect amount of sweetness and coolness with the spicy taste of ghost pepper. This strange flavour is the best for all the spice lovers. However, you must indulge in this one at your own risk because it is quite hot and spicy. 

4. Vanilla with Sweet Sriracha Sauce (Mason’s Creamery, Cleveland, Ohio)

This is a best pick for all the vegans out there! Mason’s creamery offers this delicious ice cream for every dessert lover. They have a seasonal rotating menu filled with absolutely amazing items for you to choose from.

But this amazing spicy sriracha-flavoured scoop is so famous and is available all year round. With the great taste of its creamy heat and drop of sriracha drizzled on top. It offers you the best and the most strange taste experience you have ever had and this is why it stands out. 

5. Bourbon and Corn Flake (Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco)

Humphry Slocombe has a menu that changes on a daily basis. And you never know which flavour will appear on the menu when you visit them. But somehow they always make room for their special secret breakfast.

This super special breakfast is made with bourbon biscuits and corn flakes. If you want to get your hands on this weird yet yummy combo, you better get their early. They sell out pretty quickly on this flavour as it is loved by many people. But the taste is worth every second you wait for getting this superb flavour. 

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