Beer Yoga: A kick-back for stress and something everyone should try


Yes, you heard it right: Beer yoga is a thing. Nothing can be more relaxing than achieving a higher state of being and eventual dominance of the self while practicing Yoga over the icy cold sips of your favorite Beer. “Beer yoga” the term was devised by Brook Larson in February 2014. Also known as Brewery yoga, beer yoga is performed by attendees in a brewery or in the taproom, often drinking Beer while performing yoga asana.

Well I think, Beer yoga is a beautiful nuptial between two eternal loves “Beer” and “Yoga”. They both are historically proven therapies for mind, soul, and body and both let you combat the demons of stress.

The boons of Beer and Yoga are not camouflaged from anybody. “Yoga” was originated 5,000 years back in Northern India by the Indus-Sarasvati Civilization and is an assembly of physical, mental and spiritual practices and disciplines that are practiced for the serenity of the mind, body and spirit and for procurement of one’s inner peace. The other physical benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, balanced metabolism, improved strength, energy, weight reduction, etc. Yoga is all about balancing the rhythm of mind and body together. 

Beer yoga benefits
Beer yoga benefits

People who practice Yoga regularly, tend to develop more mental clarity and calmness, chronic stress patterns can be relieved, attention and concentration can be sharpened. Now imagine adding a dash of Beer to this healthy practice. “Beer,” on the other hand, has many medicated benefits. You will be shocked to know that Beer is a nutritious drink; it has protein in abundance and vitamin B. Even better, Beer has calcium, iron, phosphate, and even fiber. 

Other edge of drinking beer is: it is good for your heart health, it prevents kidney stones. It helps lowers terrible cholesterol, who knew it even helps to improve memory, and to your shock, if you want to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, just grab a can of Beer straightaway and drink it daily. Beer being rich in silicon content tends to build stronger bones. So even your doctors won’t stop you from drinking Beer regularly, but always remember the quantity of your beer intake should be moderate as heavy drinking can lead to fatal diseases. 

Beer yoga promotes better health
Beer yoga promotes better health

 The important benefit of Beer is none other than stress alleviation. Researchers have found that if you drink two glasses of Beer in a day, it can help you to keep work-related stress and anxiety at bay. But for obvious reasons if you consume it more than the limit and for longer span of time it will do more bad than good. In the long run, heavy consumption can lead to depression and anxiety. So just add the right amount of Beer in your Yoga and Voila!! See the magic of this unconventional stress slayer.

The philosophies of Yoga combined together with the pleasure of beer-drinking to attain the epitome of consciousness has lately become popular internationally. From Berlin hipsters to the Australian shores, beer yoga is practiced with great zeal and excitement. Just don’t think much before trying this special kind of Yoga, “All you need is an open mind and an evitable love for Beer”. The marketers are promoting this Yoga among various regions across the globe on full swing. To which some say, Beer yoga is nothing but a Marketing gimmick and doesn’t have any benefits on the stress. So if you think that it’s nothing but just to curb binge drinking of alcohol without any spiritual upliftment of the concise, you can sway away from this idea of practicing Beer Yoga. Else cheers to the Beer yoga and say Namaste to it.

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