Crazy Fans that spend thousands of bucks to look like a celebrity


We all have one or more favorite actors or actresses in our mind and admiring them is a common thing everyone does. Our celebrities spend thousands of bucks in maintaining their look, whether its their make-up, hairstyle, dress or footwear. All these collectively make them so adorable, thus increasing their fan base from thousands to millions. While some fans take up their looks and opt for a temporary basis, the others just go beyond the bars. They spend thousands of bucks to have the permanent look just like their favorite stars.

1. Kitty

Jannifer Lawrence has the look to die for and admired by many people. But there is a woman who has spent thousands of bucks to look like her favorite celebrity. As per ABC News, a woman named Kitty has undergone six times under the knife to have the looks of Janiffer Lawrence. The surgeries include liposuction, nose job, fat grafts, breast implant and more.

While asking about the reason why she did that, Kitty said, “I can appreciate that her personality(Jannifer Lawrence) is spunky and fun. I can appreciate that her body is banging”. 


2. Tobias Strebel

An aspiring artist has ended his life due to drug overdose and possessiveness to look like Justin Bieber. Tobias Strebel, an artist who appeared on an episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction talked briefly about his obsessions. He said that he always admired the pop star, Justin Bieber. 

Strebel has spent almost $100,000 on plastic surgeries to look like her favorite celebrity. The 35 year-old’s effort has even made him appear on an episode of Botched. 

3. Valeria Lukyanova

Though the makers of barbie doll told that the design of the doll is not inspired by anyone and is totally fictional. A Ukrainian woman does totally opposite and spent thousands of bucks to take the get up of the barbie doll. Valeria has said that he has gone through the breast implant surgery but there is more behind her words. Her facial appearance resembles more like a flawless doll skin rather than the loose skin of humans.

Once talking about her looks, Valeria said, “I’m constantly in the process of transformation” and she doesn’t exactly want to look like barbie. She said, “I actually like very different images. My favorites are from the world of fantasy like elves, warriors and Amazons”.

Valeria Lukyanova
Valeria Lukyanova

4. Rodrigo Alves

If a person can opt to look like a barbie, so why not another one look like ken. This exactly happens when Rodrigo Alves, another one of the fans who looks like the famous doll ken. He has spent almost $500,000 to get the wax look. Though Rodrigo too, claims that he was not in the mood of looking like Ken. He said, “I just want to perfect myself and be the best person physically with the help of plastic surgery”.

With back to back surgeries, Rodrigo has to halt his work due to a health scar. Even after going with serious medical issues, he also has undergone with rib removal. 

5. Kyleigh Potts

Not only Kim Kardashian have a huge fan base but her half-sister, Kylie Jenner, also has. One of the admirers of the celebrity, Kyleigh Potts, a transgender woman has spent a huge sum of money to look like Kylie. Starting from a nose job, chin implant, breast implant to lip fillers, she has done all.

Talking about the inspiration for going under the knife, she said, “Kylie Jenner has always been my ultimate goal and inspiration. I feel like I have emulated her and like her I didn’t start out beautiful, I built myself beautiful”. Kyleigh added further that she still wants to go with another round of surgeries.

There are more fans who have crossed the line to look like their favorite celebrity. Let us see who all are they:-

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