Extreme Effects of social media on teens these days


Social media is a crazy wild place for everyone. And with the frequent changes and growth of the internet. The use of the internet is also increasing widely with each passing day. Teenagers these days are so much into social media that it is now becoming almost too dangerous in many cases. 

It is essential for people to know and understand both sides of social media. Every technology has both positive and negative effects on its users. Every teenager or their parents must know all the possible impact that social media has on them in one way or another. 

Thus, the following is a list of some effects that social media has on teens now a day:

1. Limited social interaction

Teens are always on their phones, using Facebook, Instagram, chatting with friends, etc. This means they are not really involved in social and in-person interactions with others. It is crucial to understand the importance of real-life interactions. Teens are more likely to stay at home and on their gadgets and social media. However, if we compare today’s situation with the past, teens used to go out and spend time with their friends. Moreover, even if teenagers do go out today, they are most likely to still be busy on their phones. 

Limited social interaction
Limited social interaction

2. Hampers their education

The language that teens use online is the complete opposite of what they use in schools. And the online language is extremely catchy, so most times, kids prefer it over the school one. Also, now everything is online, which somehow results in decreased focus and retaining the power of teenagers. Kids spend so much time on social media, which leaves not a lot of time for studies, thus hampering their education. So, it is pretty safe to say that social media sometimes acts as a hindrance between teens and their studies. 

3. Cyberbullying and identity theft

One of the most significant effects of social media on teens is the danger of cyberbullying. People find social media platforms as the easiest way to comments on other’s appearances and bully them. They say online what they cannot say in person. It should be noted that cyberbullying is a criminal offense, and no one should do it to anybody. This is an extremely disrespectful thing ever that has caused so many accidents in the past. 

Another effect of social media on teens is identity theft. Kids don’t know exactly how much of what to post online and sometimes end up getting in serious trouble. Their innocence could lead them into a lot of trouble, and parents must keep an eye on them to avoid such issues. 

Cyberbullying and identity theft
Cyberbullying and identity theft

4. Stalking

Kids are so fascinated by the social media world that they just want to do what everyone else is doing online. Teens post everything, be it where they are, what they are eating, etc. Which makes it so easy for anyone to trace their location without even trying. And also if they don’t post, their locations are always on. This, again, could very easily lead anyone to their exact location. Stalking is a very severe offence, and it has strict repercussions. There have been many cases of teen stalking that were reported in the past few decades. 

5. Online theft and scams

Kids are very innocent and this makes them very easily targeted by online scammers and robbers. Social media is a weird place and teens spend most of their time online. Sometimes, scammers target such teens and manipulate them into scams and theft. Parents need to teach their kids about the potential effects of social media on them and how to keep themselves safe. Teens must understand the possible negative effects of the social media world in their lives and use it accordingly. 

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