Five Best breakfast foods from all around the world


Breakfast is the most important because it is the first meal for the day. Different places have different breakfast foods that they eat. The world is a vast place and every single nation has its own food culture. Some breakfast dishes might sound a little weird and bizarre, but they are trendy in their country. This article lists some of the best breakfast foods from around the world for you to try at least once.

1. American breakfast (America)

American breakfast is hands down the most popularly known breakfast in the world. Everyone loves it and savors the taste of it all. When we talk about American breakfast, it’s pretty normal to get a visual of a perfectly laid breakfast table with various dishes. This breakfast has a perfect blend of everything great. 

A plate of American breakfast contains portions of eggs, sausage, potatoes, streaky bacon, and pancakes with syrup. Sounds heavenly, right? Absolutely yes, it is! It is more like a heart attack on a plate. The mix of sweet and salty heaven makes it most exciting and ‘loved by many’ sort of breakfast. Thus, making it the best breakfast food in the world.

American breakfast (America)
American breakfast (America)

2. Hagelslag (Netherlands)

Hagelslag is a famous sprinkle that comes in a variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes. This is most used in the Netherlands but loved by other nations as well. People enjoy this on ice cream, toasted bread, and others as per their liking. It is not exactly nutritious but definitely a great option to start your day with a sugar rush. Dutch and Belgians prefer Hagelslag on toasted butter bread and really savor this sugary breakfast. Some reports say that every year, as much as fourteen million kilos of Hagelslag is consumed by Dutch. This consumption is enough to say that it is one of the best breakfast foods everyone must try. 

3. Masala dosa (India)

Masala dosa is a crispy and light pancake made from rice and blank lentils. This pancake has a filling of mashed potatoes, onions, and spices served with curry and coconut chutney. Masala dosa is a South Indian breakfast dish that Indians absolutely love. It has a perfect blend of taste and flavors. Masala dosa could very easily pass as a savory crepe. It is one of the best vegetarian breakfast options ever that you could try. And if you love spicy and tangy food, masala dosa is definitely something you should try. 

Masala dosa (India)
Masala dosa (India)

4. Huevos Divorciados (Mexico)

Huevos Divorciados literally translated to “divorced eggs” and is made up of two eggs separated by a line of refried beans. One of the eggs is covered in red sauce (Salsa Roja), while the other is covered in green sauce (salsa verde). All this sits on top of a fried corn tortilla and is always served with a glass of coke. Drinking coke with this dish is the Mexican way of breakfast and we are not really complaining. It looks appetizing and tastes like heaven. 

5. Churros (Spain)

Nothing can ever beat the absolutely delicious taste and experience of churros dipped in hot chocolate for breakfast. Churros are almost a very long doughnut. It is deep-fried dough heaven that you dip in thick hot chocolate. It is the perfect breakfast to have that perfect sugar rush in the morning and give your day a kick start. Churros already have a lot of sugar and then the hot chocolate adds so much more and makes it super yummy. It is definitely a dream come true for people who have a sweet tooth. 

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