Five Best tried and tested clothing hacks for everyone


Sometimes spending money on fixing simple clothing issues can be a huge issue for most people. Moreover, college and school students always work on a set budget, which obviously makes it difficult for them to spend money on mending clothing issues. However, there are few clothing hacks that everyone could use to fix some of the usual clothing problems that most of us have faced. Thus, following is the list of few hacks to help you out with the clothing emergencies:

1. Remove pilling from clothes with a razor

We all have such clothes that get pilings on them when you wash them. These pilings don’t easily go with anything. However, there is a hack you could use to get rid of them quite simply. All you need is a razor and the clothing that has pilings. Use the razor to shave off the pilings off of the clothes. And in case there are any remains, you could use tape to get rid of them. You will have a clean cloth to use now. 

Remove pilling from clothes with a razor
Remove pilling from clothes with a razor

2. Shaving foam to remove makeup stains

Mostly everyone knows that makeup stains are a pain to remove. Most detergents and cloth washing liquids are not quite enough to remove a makeup stain. They can fade the stain upto some extent but cannot completely remove the mark. However, one tried and tested hack to remove makeup stains exists. You can use shaving foam on the stain and leave it on for a good ten to fifteen minutes. Once the clothing is covered in foam for sometimes, wash it thoroughly and the stain would have completely disappeared. 

3. Iron your collar with a hair straightener

Sometimes it is difficult to procure an iron wherever you go. And that’s when this hack comes in handy. All you need is a hair straightener, and you are absolutely sorted. Sometimes you iron your clothes perfectly, but that collar is still wrinkled and you don’t have an iron. You can use a straightener and basically iron the collar. This will remove all the wrinkles from the collar and you will be good to go. 

4. Widen your shoes with water

Ever ordered shoes that were too tight for you? If yes, then this hack is perfect for you! With a few simple steps, you could widen your shoes. However weird it may sound, but water can widen your shoes. All you have to do is fill water in a zip lock bag and place it in the shoes completely. Put your shoes in the freezer overnight. When you take out your shoes the next day, their size would have gotten bigger. This hack works perfectly if some shoes are a little tight on you. 

Widen your shoes with water

Widen your shoes with water

5. Remove red wine stain with white wine

Ever spilled red white on your clothes? There is a very easy and strange hack to remove red wine stains. Apply some white wine on the stain and leave it on for some time. Thoroughly wash the clothing and the stain would have surely disappeared. 

6. Unlock stuck zip with vaseline

When you are wearing a jacket and the zip just gets stuck in the middle. Vaseline is a savior in this situation for sure. Vaseline will act as a lubricant and let the zip open easily. This hack works very quickly and is a tried and tested clothing hack for everyone. Zip getting stuck is something most of us have experienced and have gotten irritated by it as well. Thus, in such a situation, this hack will most definitely help you a lot. 

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