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If you ever feel clueless about how to save money, just know that you are not the only one struggling with this feeling. While some people find saving money quite an easy task, some cannot save anything at all. Spending money on things you love is one of the best feelings hands down. However, it is also crucial to understand the importance of saving money. 

Also, sometimes, the most challenging step in saving money is actually getting started. But once you get started, you will find you way through the process. You could also start by just gaining proper information about your finances and spending. When you have good knowledge of your monetary budget and spending needs, you can quite quickly start saving money. There are so many small and straightforward steps you could take to save money and not end up sacrificing a lot. Thus, this article will guide you through some of such ways that are listed below:

1. Calculate your spending

First things first, you must calculate your total expenses. It is essential to know how much to spend in total in order to go ahead to save money. You can calculate your monthly expenses in order to move one step closer to saving money. 

Once you have the numbers, the next thing to do is categorize your expenses like groceries, medicines, gas, etc. And then, you need to calculate the total of each category. Make sure you are not missing out on any expenses, double-check all the receipts and bank statements. 

Calculate your spending
Calculate your spending

2. Make a personal budget

Now that you know your total spending habits, the next step is to create your budget plan. Budget is something that helps you stay in line with your income and spending. It keeps you away from overspending. Because you have a track of your income as well as expenses in front of you. You can prioritize where you spend your money and see where you can save some for later use. 

Also, you can use the 50/20/30 rule while creating your budget. This rule implies that fifty percent of your income should be spent on the essentials like rent, gas, groceries, etc. Then, twenty percent should go to savings. And the remaining thirty percent should be used for personal spending like entertainment, clothing, etc. 

3. Look for ways to cut down your expenses

If you see that your spending is way too high as compared to your income, you need to look for ways to cut them down. Rule out non-essential expenses where you can cut down, such as dining, movies, etc. You could also find ways to spend less on your regular expenses, such as phone bills. 

Few examples of cutting down on your spending are as follows:

  • Cancel memberships and subscriptions you don’t use. This will help you save the money you are spending unnecessarily on something you are not even using. 
  • Try cheap eating places, or you could decide to dine out only once or twice a month. 
  • Use community entertainment mediums to cut down on your entertainment expenses. 
Look for ways to cut down your expenses
Look for ways to cut down your expenses

4. Always invest in right quality products

Make this a habit of investing only in quality products that last a long time. If a product lasts for a long time, you get more use out of it as compared to its price. Thus, making it highly cost-effective and leading to you saving some money. For example, it is always better to buy good quality clothes, because this way you can use them for a long time. 

5. Keep a tap on your impulses

Debit cards, credit cards, and online shopping have made it much easier for you to spend money. And this happens mostly on things we want rather than need. Most times, the temptation to buy something you like overpowers your sensible instincts. And thus you end up spending money on things you don’t really require. It is essential to fight your impulses and ask yourself it the urge is justified in accordance to your budget or not. This way you will save money in short as well as long run. 

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