Funny and Viral Travel Stories of 2019


Everyone likes traveling. Isn’t it? Traveling is actually meant to be a time to enjoy. It is the time when you are away from the workload and tension. It is definitely for the relaxation of your mind. Sometimes traveling gives you a flabbergasting experience. But the year 2019 was really shocking. This year provided a lot of appealing travel stories.

Everyone does a lot of planning and packing for a holiday. And when that big day arrives, we all get excited and leave for the trip. Out of the excitement, some people just mess it up and end up making themselves the headlines of the news.  

The previous year justified it very well as it gave many viral travel stories. Stories in which some people were making a hilarious mistake while others were making a shocking one. They didn’t even care about where they were, whether it is an airplane, or a mall, or a restaurant. They just went on misbehaving. Let’s take a look at some of those stories. It will probably alert you so that you will not be the next in this list.

A passenger tried to find the restroom on a flight, but instead of the restroom, he opened the emergency exit door of the plane

It seems funny, isn’t it! Well, it happened on a flight from Manchester, UK, to Islamabad, Pakistan. When the man was on board on Pakistani Airlines, he went to use the washroom, but he couldn’t find the right door. Instead of opening the door of the washroom, he opened the emergency exit door of the flight.

There were 40 other people aboard. All of them got scared. Then all of them were evacuated. And the flight was delayed by almost 7 to 8 hours. Make sure that you don’t make the same mistake.

A woman threw coins in her plane’s engine while wishing for a safe flight

This incident happened in April 2019 at Hohhot Baita International Airport in Inner Mongolia. An old Chinese woman of age 66 years threw six coins in the plane engine when she was boarding the plane. Authorities removed her from the flight. Then after being asked, she told them that she was praying for a safe flight.

This sounds really funny. Channel News Asia covered this news. The authorities of the airline switched the passenger to the other aircraft for having a safe flight, as those coins could damage the jet engine. This resulted in a two hours delay for the plane.

A passenger called her seatmates “two big pigs” and then she was removed

 A woman named Norma Rodgers was on board a United Airlines from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Newark, New Jersey. This is a story from January 2019. Read this one as this is really funny. This incident was caught on the camera, which was inside the airplane.

In that video, you can see an unidentified woman saying, ” I can’t sit here because they both are so big left and right, I can’t even sit here. Why don’t you sit between those two pigs?”. This was said for Norma Rodgers and the other woman sitting beside her. The flight attendants moved the woman and ultimately took her off the plane.

There are many other exciting stories in which travelers are making these kinds of mistakes. Go through the article and make sure you are not the next.

Image credits (sites)@ Independent, China daily, Australian traveller

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