Handy Tips to Pack your Perfect Travel Bag for your Next Tour


One of the most exciting and basic parts of planning and taking a trip is packing. It is essential that we prepare for all occasions and situations and therefore, pack right. This tends to lead to excessive packing, which is not practical. To pack your travel bag perfectly is almost an art, which all can learn. 

Here are some tips for packing a handy, smart, and compact bag for your next tour:

1. Make a list

List out all the items that you think are a requirement for the trip- clothes, footwear, toiletry items, and so on. Then sort out the essential items and pack them. Also, this can help avoid forgetting or missing out on items.

2. Roll the clothes

Contrary to popular opinion, rolling the clothes does not crease or crush them. It merely reduces the space that each piece of clothing might take up in the bag. This way you can keep more things, either more clothes or other essentials.

3. Pack judiciously

Do not get over-excited and try to pack your entire wardrobe. Pick your clothes according to your itinerary and requirement. Moreover, pick fabrics that are travel-friendly.

4. Arrange clothes effectively

While arranging your clothes in the bag, make sure that you do it day wise, that is, what you want to wear first is on top. This will avoid any digging around in the bag. 

5. Toiletry

It is a hassle to dig around in the bag for each item of toiletry that you might need. A simple solution to this is to pack all items of toiletry in a kit of its own, so it can be accessed quickly and takes up less place. Also, take small, travel-sized bottles (of shampoo, conditioner, etc.), tubes (toothpaste, creams, etc.) containers and such.

6. Organize smartly

Rather than dumping all your things into the bag and battling with it to shut it close, first lay out all the items. Pack all the heavy and solid items first at the base of the bag. Then, fill in the rest of the place with lighter items. In all gaps that might be there, insert the smaller trinkets and items.

7. Safety first

Always carry a small first aid kit with all the basic medicines. In case you are on medication, pack the prescribed medicines along with the prescription, and keep a few extra doses just in case of emergency.

8. Pack extra bag

An unexpected round of shopping can result in no place to put the new things. Packing a foldable, compact bag in the travel bag will ensure that you are prepared for any additional luggage. 

9. Laundry bag

Carry small, foldable laundry bags to put your used and dirty clothes in. Do not mix the used clothes with the unused, fresh ones. Also, carry plastic bags in case you have to pack wet clothes and such.

10. Hand baggage

Carry a small hand baggage with your indispensable, vital requirements like medicines, a small water bottle, tissues, sanitizer, scarves/ sweaters, essential documents, and any other valuable possession so that it will constantly be with you. 

11. Weigh it

A bag is supposed to add to your convenience while traveling, and not become a burden. Hence, weigh your bag once you are done with your packing. If it seems like a manageable weight, you are good to go. If it exceeds the limit, repack your things, and only take things that are necessary for you. 

12. Identification

It should be no surprise to find perfect replicas of your bag while you travel. So, to avoid picking up the wrong bag and to realize it later, put a luggage tag on your travel bag with your name on it or just any sort of simple identification means; for example, tying a ribbon.

These are simple tricks and tips that will have a huge difference in the way you pack and travel. In addition to this, there are several factors that you should carefully consider before you pack

Those factors are, duration of your tour, the type of destination, the purpose of travel, the weather, the size of your bag, etc. Just take an extra moment to ensure that you plan everything thoroughly before you delve into the exciting arena of packing for a trip so that you can pack your travel bag perfectly.

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