List of 5 Things you DON’T need to Pack for a Trip


Packing can be a stressful process for many people. But if you know the right way to pack and all the DOs and DON’Ts to packing, it is not a very difficult process after all. Some so many experts tell and explain the ultimate guide on how to pack for a trip.

Everyone must understand and know what things to take not take along with them when they decide to travel. You cannot fill up your suitcases with everything you have and go on to travel to your destination.

There are certain rules you must follow for a hassle-free travel experience that is related to what you take along when you decide to travel. These rules outline things you can and cannot take in your suitcase when you go somewhere.

Thus, this article is to guide you through the list of things you do not need to pack when you go for a trip.

1. All your clothes

One basic thing everyone must understand and note is that you don’t need to fill up your suitcase with all the clothes you have. Try to take only a few clothes depending on the duration of your travel. You don’t have to have a new pair of clothes for each day, it is okay to repeat your clothes.

Taking only a few clothes will keep your suitcase light and you will have room to fill in with other things as well. No one likes carrying a heavy suitcase everywhere when you travel, so it is always better to keep only the things you genuinely require.

All your clothes
All your clothes

2. Your expensive jewellery

The one important rule to note is never taken your expensive jewellery with you when you travel. Thieves mostly target tourists and sometimes luggage gets lost in transit. And no one wants to lose their valuable jewellery.

Everyone decides to travel to take a break from the routine and get some relaxation in their life. Therefore, no one wants to get stressed with their stuff and valuables getting stolen. And that’s why it is required not to take your expensive and valuable things with you when you travel.

3. Too many shoes

When you are filling up your suitcase for your travel, you don’t have to keep all your shoes to match your outfits every day. This is only going to overcrowd your luggage and you will have to travel with an unnecessarily heavy suitcase everywhere.

It is safe to say that you need to pack only two or three pairs of shoe maximum that would match most of your clothes and you are good to go. One must not crowd their luggage but rather organise everything in a balanced way for a better travelling experience.

Too many shoes
Too many shoes

4. All your gadgets

Most people these days have more than one gadget, for example, a phone, laptop, watch, e-reader and what not. It is wise not to pack every single gadget you have but only pack the ones you really need in your whole travel.

You must try to rule out only one or two gadgets you really need. And that is going to make your life and travelling so much better and stress-free. When you keep your gadgets, you also need to take their related essentials such as chargers, covers, etc. This will only take more space in your luggage and make it unnecessarily heavy.

5. Hair-dryer and straightener

There is absolutely no need to fill up extra space in your suitcase with a hair straightener or dryer. When you travel and stay in a hotel, cruise, or wherever, it is most definite that you will easily find a straightener or dryer in the hotel or cruise.

It is only wise to fill up space instead of something more useful for your travel that packing such things that are mostly available wherever you visit. Make sure to keep this point in mind when you decide what to keep in your suitcase when you travel somewhere.

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