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Cleaning can be a significant problem for many and you may get intimidated by just the thought of cleaning. Some stains and gunk is so timid to stay that it becomes impossible to remove them. Even the cleaners with strong chemicals cannot help get rid of them. That is when the home DIY hacks come in handy. There are so many at-home remedies that can fight even the toughest stain with the most ease. This article will guide you through such hacks you can adapt in your cleaning practices for the ideally squeaky clean house. 

1. Clean the microwave with lemon and water

We have all seen caked-on food in the microwave and felt really weird about that. One thing to keep in mind is that never scrub your microwave to clean the dirt. The easiest and most useful way to clean the microwave is with the steam of lemon in water. All you have to do is keep a bowl of water with lemon. And put it in the microwave for five minutes. And see the steam loosen all the dirt and food stuck in the microwave. Once that is done, use a damp cloth to clean all the loose dirt and you will have a completely clean microwave. 

Clean the microwave with lemon and water
Clean the microwave with lemon and water

2. Remove water rings with a blow dryer

Water rings on furniture is nothing new for anyone. Everybody has been there when you get a nasty water ring on your coffee table and it stains. The best way to get rid of such rings is to use a blow dryer. As soon as you see a water ring on furniture, grab a hairdryer and put it on the high density close to the ring and it should disappear in a few minutes. Once the stain is removed, you could use olive oil or mineral oil for reconditioning the wood or furniture. 

3. Remove oil stains from carpet with baking soda

 It the worst when somehow oil spills on the carpet and it leaves a nasty stain. The pressure of spending a heavy amount on getting it professionally cleaned is a lot for sure. However, there is a simple hack to get rid of the tough oil stains from the carpet. First, make sure to remove the liquid from the carpet. Then sprinkle some baking soda (or cornstarch could also work) on the stain and leave it on for a good ten minutes. Vacuum the carpet very well. 

After that and then mix a tablespoon of vinegar, two cups of warm water and tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. One thing to note is that the dishwashing liquid must be clear. Then use a sponge to apply the solution to the stain. Leave it on for a few minutes and remove it with a clean sponge dampened in cold water. 

Remove oil stains from carpet with baking soda
Remove oil stains from carpet with baking soda

4. Wipe away animal fur using a rubber glove

Having pets at home is a huge deal, especially when their fur is lying everywhere in the house and on your clothes as well. Animal fur is quite a task to clean off things. Normally people buy lint rollers to get rid of the fur from couches, clothes, etc. However, there is a DIY hack to clean the fur off of anything and everything. 

Use a rubber glove dipped in water and run your hands across the places where there is fur and easily pick up the fur. It is the easiest way to remove fur from the couches, carpets, clothes that have ever existed. 

5. Clean blinds with vinegar

There have been a few hacks that work well in cleaning the blinds. But one that works wonders is to use vinegar. You don’t even have to take down the blinds for this one. Mix equal portions of water and vinegar in a bowl and dip an old sock in it completely. Wear the sock on your hand and clean the blinds with the solution. You could use another sock to clean any remaining dampness after the first cleaning routine. This will leave your blinds looking absolutely new and spotless. 

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