Role of Parks in the public health everyone should know


Being close to greenery and recreation is always what someone wants to break the monotony of their humdrum lives, so is the idea of having parks. As the mainstream utility of any park in a community is often associated with having fun by playing games or by community gatherings.

On the contrary, one of an unavoidable benefit of having them is in advancing the health and wellness of the people.

Health and wellness
Health and wellness

They provide an ambient environment which one may require to take their minds off their tension and shackles of life by adding plants and trees, in the hope of creating a soothing atmosphere which is close to nature, amidst the concrete jungle. They offer a variety of alternatives to gain wellness while focusing on improving the health qualities of the residents of the communities.

Due to the busy lifestyles of the people these days and the increasing healthcare costs, our nation is going through a hard time when it comes to increased rates of chronic diseases and serious health care challenges.

In prevailing such scenarios, parks provides an effective and affordable solution. It has been seen and studied by various researchers that they have significantly advantageous effect on the health of individuals. These benefits includes:

  • Various physical activities such as jogging, running can be done in park which eventually help people to stay fit and fight with obesity.
  • Parks are close to nature and provides a calm environment where yoga can be performed. And there isn’t any point in which we can deny that yoga is not beneficial for our health. In Fact it takes care of both our minds and souls.
Yoga in park
Yoga in park
  • Parks  serves as a  very common gathering point of people residing in the society where formal and informal meetings are done. This eventually improve the social life of individuals and can upgrade the relationships of them with their neighbours.
  • The benefits of having trees and plants in our surrounding are not unknown from us. We all know how trees behave as natural purifiers of air. And these days we are all going through serious problem of air pollution. So this way they even facilitates in improving the quality of air in our proximity.  

In the concept of modern cities architecture where the human eyes can only see the jungle of buildings and hear the noise of honking cars. Their construction are a very lucrative way of providing health benefits by offering a perfect ambience which is an amalgamation of things like nature, calm and health wellness.

A walk in a park, in natural environment not only calms your mind in fact it can outnumber the propagating obesity crisis of the people of one’s country.

Walk in park
Walk in park

It has been seen that a person who visits the park daily for a walk or a run or to indulge in any physical activity is more fit and less prone to obesity and obesity related diseases such as blood pressure in comparison to a person who visits a park once in a blue moon. 

Many public parks have also been constructed by the government of our country for maintaining the balance between the greenery and the residential buildings in any area lately for improving the quality of life and providing numerous health wellness alternatives.

Safety is another major issue when it comes to community parks but policies and certain support programs are held to ensure the safety of park as well. So, let’s head out and visit a park for a run to stay fit and preserve our well being.


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