Tips and tricks to crack any interview in the first go


Are you waiting for an interview call from your dream job? However, you will definitely get that call one day. But have you ever thought about what you will do after that call? Yes, it is necessary to be well prepared for the job you really wanted as you don’t want to miss the opportunity. The stupid part would be to wait for that moment and then start your preparation. 

Some basic and simple points need to be followed while facing the interview to get your dream job anyhow.

1. Be aware of the company information

The first and the most essential step before facing any interview is to know about the company in prior. Do your research about the company’s role and its missions. Also, go through with related news in nearly the past year or so. In a recent study, it is found that about 47% of the interviewers confess that they wouldn’t offer a job to the seeker if they don’t know about the company’s role. It shows their less interest for the job. 

Be aware of the company information
Be aware of the company information

2. Read the job profile properly 

Along with researching for the company, stay in line with the job profile you want to go for. Read the job details carefully and make a list of points matching your capabilities. If you have experience in your field, make sure to note down all the previous achievements of your profile. Then match the required job profile, and if the majority is in your part, then don’t be afraid to face the interview.

3. Be punctual with the time 

Being punctual with the timings in an interview as well as in life as it will always benefit you as it will show your alertness to the task. Often people are rejected if they arrive late at the interview venue. Try to reach 15 minutes to sit and relax. Also, keep a margin of time for heavy traffic in case it occurs. Punctuality is the asset for your growth in life and will always reward you in many ways. 

Be punctual with the time
Be punctual with the time

4. Prepare well for interview questions and tests

Do prepare for the interview questions, or any kind of written test, presentation mentioned in the job posting. Preparing well in advance will let you not let you in unexpected situations. Make a list of common questions asked in the interview like “Tell me about yourself”, “Why should I hire”, “What are your short term and long-term goals” and “Where do you see yourself in the next five years”. 

5. Maintain right body language and be confident 

You are noticed and judged within 90 seconds of interview time as soon as the employer sees you. This includes your different body postures like playing with pen or hair or bending more towards backward or forward while sitting. These all indicate that you are a little nervous and is not suitable for the overall judgment on the employer side. So, instead, try some simple and useful tricks. Like giving a sweet smile, shaking hands with the interviewer, and responding to the questions by looking into the eyes to the one sitting in front of you.

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