Tips to stay safe on social media – Don’t miss it anyhow!


Social media is quite a vast place to be with endless possibilities of mishaps and accidents. So, It is solely our responsibility to protect ourselves from getting into any trouble online. One must make sure to keep a few things in mind when using social media. Because sometimes it could get very wild in there.  

Mostly all of us are very well aware of the possibilities of things that could go wrong on social media. New cases surface every single day of people getting in trouble because of some of their actions on social media. Therefore, it is better to keep a check on our own actions before things go out of hand.

Thus, the following are some tips listed that you could use to keep and stay away from any potential risk online on any social platforms:

1. Be selective of who you add

It is very important to filter your friend requests on all your social networking accounts. Only add the people you know personally and ignore the ones who you don’t know. The online world is full of thugs and the last thing you want to do is add a stranger to your social networking.

Adding unknown will open up chances of your content on your profile getting stolen and misused. Keeping your online profile private is very crucial to protect yourself from any potential risk.

Be selective of who you add
Be selective of who you add!

2. Make sure you log out

One must remember to log out from your social networking account after you are done using it. This way, no one can access your account in your absence and you can better protect your content in your account. The protection of your account is your responsibility and you must do it very carefully.

3. Know what actions to take when in trouble

One thing to note most definitely is to take the required actions in case there is any problem. For example, if anyone is bullying you or harassing you, make sure you remove them from your account, block them right away.

In case any situation goes out of hands and just blocking, or reporting does not look like a very good option, going to the cops is always great. This will help you stay a lot safer and keep you away from any danger that may occur.

Know what actions to take when in trouble
Know what actions to take when in trouble

4. Be well aware of the privacy policies

When using social networking sites, one thing to surely know and have an understanding of is the privacy policy. A privacy policy will help you understand how to keep your posts private and save any risk possible.

5. Be very careful of clickable links

Moreover, the social platform is a vast world, and it is crucial to organise your posts accordingly. Make the right choice of which jobs to keep private and which ones to post for the public. Taking this tip seriously will definitely help you stay safe on social media.

These days many fraud links are floating throughout the internet and they are very dangerous to your privacy. If you click on such a link, the fraudsters can access and steal your content and data. So, it is very important to be aware of such links that could be risky to your security online.

Look closely when you see any clickable link and you will be able to know the difference between a fraud link and a legit link. In the times where the internet is spreading everywhere, so is the possibility of getting caught in the risks on the internet. Your security is in your own hands and no one is responsible for it except you.

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