Top 5 Technical Skills that are in huge Demand in 2019


New technologies are emerging every single day in some or other parts of the world. These technological advancements are growing and so is the use of such technologies. Therefore, leading to creating more jobs that require people with these updated technical skills.

It is important to have knowledge about the trending and popular tech skills and understand their features and uses. However, learning technical skills is difficult, but the benefits that come from it makes it all worthwhile.

Moreover, technology is multi-dimensional and so is the skills possibility. This means that you will find something that suits your interests the best. There are only so many technologies developing in 2019, but not all are trending. So following are some technical skills that are in demand in 2019:

1. Cloud computing

Cloud skills are in high demand in the technical market. Moreover, cloud salaries are the highest in the IT sector and many people are learning its importance with time. But the most important feature is that cloud computing intersects with many other trending technical skills.

More and more companies are switching to cloud solutions from classic servers. Amazon web service is one of the best cloud platforms that feature database storage, networking, content delivery, etc. Cloud computing is gaining popularity because it is one of many high paying skills.

Cloud computing
Cloud computing

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Many people tend to think of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning as the same concept, but that is not the case. Artificial intelligence is the concept of using machines to carry out work and in a way that is ‘smart’. While Machine learning is an application of Artificial intelligence. Moreover, Machine learning also helps devices to use all the data to complete a task more efficiently.  

AI is becoming popular among industries and many businesses are adapting it to work better and produce effective results. AI has also generated so many new job opportunities for people and is one of the many popular technical skills in 2019.

Machine learning is one of the innovative and popular fields moving in the future. Also, it is one of the most profitable skills you can learn. There are so many uses of machine learning, for example, Alexa, Siri, chatbots, etc.

3. Data science

Data science is the process of obtaining insights and information out of data with the help of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles. Many industries are adopting data science in their working and therefore making it very popular and trending in 2019. Examples of some businesses using data science are finance, banking, and healthcare because it makes the work more efficient and better.

Data science
Data science

4. Cybersecurity

With many and fast-growing technological innovations and advancements, the threat of attacks by hackers is also increasing. Therefore, increasing the requirement for cybersecurity experts and creating more job opportunities.

Hackers are always on the lookout for users’ information that they post or publish online, but through cybersecurity people can secure their information. People understand the importance of security online and that leads to greater use of cybersecurity. Therefore, making it one of the technical skills popular in 2019.  

5. Analytics and data management

More and more industries are becoming data-driven that ultimately leads to the popularity of analytics and data management as a skill. Data is used to make crucial business-related decisions.

Analysts and data management experts are hired to help the organization or business make efficient decisions by closely studying all the data. While many industries are adapting analytics and data management, the need for such an expert is also growing. Thus, making it one of the technical skills to learn and use in 2019.

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