Top 6 Social Media famous Animals that are worth Following


These days social media is not just restricted to humans, but it is expanding its uses to animals as well. You can easily find an animal that is as famous as any other actual celebrity. These animals become famous either because of their unique appearance or behavior that attracts followers. 

Social media famous animals include a mixture of cats, dogs, and other creatures who have tons of followers. Their famous accounts are full of super adorable and wholesome content that will bring a smile on your face. 

Following is the list of such social media animal celebrities you must follow:

1. Grumpy cat

Grumpy cat is famous as the master of memes and has a massive amount of followers on social media. Her real name is Tardar Sauce, and she became one of the social media famous animals after her frowning photo went viral on Reddit in 2012. 

Although, unlike popular beliefs, Tardar is not at all grumpy and is instead very cuddly, cute and loves belly rubs. Her social media is full of close-ups of her face and big blue eyes. 

Grumpy cat
Grumpy cat

2. Juniper

Juniper is a domesticated fox who is exceptionally photogenic and absolutely famous among her followers. Also, her personality is enough for everyone and she is very mischievous as we understand from her Instagram posts. 

Juniper seems like the happiest fox and loves to spend time with her canine boyfriend, Moose, and taking naps. She posts a lot of cute photos with her newer brother, Fig. Juniper’s followers absolutely love all cute and adorable posts on her feed. 

3. Venus

Venus the “two-faced cat” has gathered plenty of attention thanks to her unusual half-black and half-orange face. If you split her face down the middle, you can see two completely different cats. 

Venus has two completely different eye colors, and one is green and the other blue. She is loved by all her 1.9 million followers on Instagram and other social media as well. Her social media is filled with her close up shots and very cute poses. 

4. Jiff Pom

Jiff is one of Instagram’s biggest social media famous animals in the world, with 9 million followers. He is a very cute and plush looking Pomeranian and has many toys made in his honor and image. Jiff likes to pose in cute outfits and has many photos with famous celebrities like Ariana Grande. 

Jiff Pom
Jiff Pom

5. Nala

Nala the cat was rescued from a hoarding situation back in 2010 and adopted by Varisiri Mathachittiphan. Also, she is one of the very first cats to debut on instagram and has around 3.7 million followers. 

Moreover, Nala even spread awareness through her posts about struggling shelter animals in the world. Her feed consists of playful videos and cute close-up shots of her big, round eyes. She is an ambassador for Halopets and CbdMD and is a member of the Wayfair Pet Squad

6. Lionel

Lionel, the hedgehog, is a cute little bundle of spiky goodness. His favorite and most loved pose is curling up into a ball with the legs tucked in or popping out. Also, Lionel’s feed consists of very adorable self-portraits with aesthetically pleasing backdrops.

Also, he is very popular on Instagram and very loved by all the followers. Lionel’s extreme appreciation for beautiful landscapes and amazing interior designing taste shows why he is a great long-term brand ambassador for the home good company’s pet line. 

There are so many animals on the internet that are famous and have millions of followers. Thus, to read about more such social media famous animals. Please read the following articles as well:




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