Top hidden features of Facebook only power users know


Keeping all the issues of Facebook away, it is still the biggest and most used social media platform today. People excessively use this platform to connect with their family and friends, and oftentimes to make new friends as well. Zuckerberg and his team constantly update features on this platform to keep the users entertained with new things to use. 

On one hand, there are people who enjoy new updates, on the other there are also people who feel challenged by coping up with the constant updates. Also, figuring out if the updates are worth bothering take in a lot of efforts on user’s part. 

However, there are a few hidden features of Facebook that are helpful and everyone must know about them. These features helps the users in one way or the other and make their whole experience a little easier. Thus, following are some hidden features to note if you are a Facebook user:

1. Message requests folder

If you are someone who has used Facebook for a while, then it is pretty obvious that you have a folder in your messenger full of unread messages.

There is a folder named “Message Requests” where you can see all the messages from people you are not friends with or are not connected to your account. 

Message requests folder
Message requests folder

If you had no idea about this folder before this article, it is about time to check it right now. Who knows how many old and new messages you have in your message requests and from whom.

However, this folder is a little discreetly hidden from your normal messages. But, you can easily find how to check message requests on a simple google search. 

2. Check who else is using your account

If you ever want to check if someone else has access to your account, it is quite simple to find that out. Moreover, it can be done with only a few easy steps.

Open your settings page, click on “Where you’ve logged in” under the “Security and login” section. You will see a list of devices from where your account was logged in and when. There you can also log out from the devices if you see something fishy with just a few clicks. 

3. Send and receive money through Facebook

Facebook has also introduced the feature to transfer money to anyone through messenger on mobile as well as desktop. All you need to do is add your debit card details to your account.

Send and receive money through Facebook
Send and receive money through Facebook

And then you can easily transfer money to anyone without depending on other mediums. We all know transferring money sometimes can be a very tricky job so this feature definitely makes the task a little easier for people. 

4. Save posts for later

Has it ever happened to you that you saw a very amazing post on your Facebook feed and wanted to show someone but couldn’t find it later? It’s pretty obvious that most people have gone through this situation at least once if not more. But don’t worry anymore! There is a feature that will eliminate this situation from happening again. 

All you have to do is click on the three dots above any post you want to save and click on the “Save link” option. This will save that post for you so watch or access later without having to scroll through the fast moving news feed for hours straight. 

5. Download a copy of your Facebook

If you ever thought if you could get a copy of everything you have ever posted on your account, this feature is a dream come true for sure. This features lets you download every single image, status, messages and chat conversations, videos, etc. that you have ever uploaded on your profile in only a few simple steps.

Go to the settings page, click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data” under the “General” category and you’ll have a complete copy of your account. 

For more such hidden features of facebook and their details, check the following links:




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