Top most iconic traditional cake from around the world


Cakes are always considered as one of the supreme delights all over the world. There is a wide variety of cakes, and they come in so many different shapes, sizes and flavors. Every nation has its own take on cakes and no one is about that. You can see some culture in every cake and that’s something very interesting. Traditional cakes are always unbeatable in terms of taste and originality, of course. They still have a taste of culture and love like no other and that is something very special. 

Following are some of the most iconic traditional cake from all around the world:

1. Mooncake (China)

Mooncake is a traditional Chinese cake that is served during the mid-autumn season. Mooncakes are accepted as a symbol of harmony and togetherness as is offered to the moon during the Chinese lunar celebration. Chinese mooncakes are round pastries that have fabulous fillings and are topped with decorative designs that symbolize the festival’s legends. These are famous not just in China but also in many other parts of the world as well. Also, in China, friends and family are welcomed with mooncakes. The taste is super heavenly and loved by all. 

Mooncake (China)
Mooncake (China)

2. Vetkoek Aka Fat Cake (South Africa)

Fat cakes were adopted from the first Dutch immigrants that came to South Africa in the 1800s. They became very popular in the African country. This is a pastry made from cake dough that contains raisins and currants. The filling could be jam, cheese, or even different types of meat, depending on your preference. These pastries are made with cake dough molded into small balls deep fried in oil and finally topped with sugar, honey and syrup. This is a perfect dessert with amazing flavors. 

3. Mawa cake (India)

Mawa cakes are Indian specialty that are milk-based with a hint of cardamom and nuts like almonds or cashews. Milk is cooked on simmered heat for a long time till the liquids evaporate entirely and the milk solidifies. This is a specialty of Mumbai and the Irani cafes serve this delight. However, these cafes are almost disappeared, but some of them still exist and are loved by all Mumbaikars. Mawa cakes are a moist, dense, and absolutely delicious dessert of India. This treat is a definite must-try for everyone anytime you visit India for sure. 

Mawa cake (India)
Mawa cake (India)

4. Dundee Cake (Scotland)

Dundee is a very famous Scottish fruit cake with raisins and currants. However, the recipe could also include cherries in the cake. This cake looks spongy, but it is very light and has a very rich flavor. Scottish whiskey is also added to Dundee cake to give it some moisture and flavor. It is then decorated with almonds that are placed in circles. The taste heavenly and the light texture gives it the perfect melt-in-the-mouth effect. 

5. Mochi (Japan)

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake and is the traditional dessert for New Year in Japan. Sweet rice flour is mixed with water then steamed very well into small pieces. Red bean paste is filled in these pieces and topped with powdered sugar for that extra oomph. Mochi is famous worldwide and served in various parts of the world. It has a very different and fantastic flavor that people truly love and enjoy. It comes in various different flavors to choose from according to your preference and taste. So, everyone gets to pick what they like and enjoy. 

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